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FUNPLACESTHINGS.COM is a FREE mobile and internet destination for fun seekers to help you find fun things to do and places to see in your local neighborhoods.


New to the area?

We can help you connect faster to upcoming  events and explorer safe, new adventures with your family and friends.  Our pledge to our Fun Users is to showcase only family friendly, fun places and things,  without the worry of having to filter out all the bars, nightclubs and other adult only adventures that require you to be 18+ to get in.


Our mission

Help families connect by taking time to have fun together.  We help by providing free information about local activities, upcoming events, and purveyors of fun places to go and things to do.


How do we keep our site free?

Through the generous advertisers and sponsors with both our online and offline services. Our sponsors are pre-screened for our Fun Users to ensure the advertisers are company in good standing, have the proper license, have proper insurance coverage, been in business for more than two years and have a good standing on google reviews.



Focus Enterprises, Inc. (Focusefforts.com) provides strategic planning through tactical execution services for to help companies grow.

Many organizations rely solely on a mission statement to tell you about the passion of their organization. We are guided by ten (10) core character values which are the principles that continually remind us why we are here and makes us unique.

CHARITY:   A Diverse group united together in compassion to help other

RESPONSIBLE:   making good choices with common sense

KINDNESS:    having love and compassion to take action for others

PATIENCE:   tolerance and strategic planning with a long term focus

CITIZENSHIP:   teaching right from wrong to develop good traits

JOYFUL:   providing a fun and safe environment

RESPECT:   treating others with gentleness and respect

COOPERATION:    “Partnering” with business, civic and educational entities

PATRIOTIC:    building social skills coupled with INTEGRITY

HONESTY:    to be transparent while operating in truth


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